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Srilanka 96 World Cup Victory 25th Anniversary Special Edi

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This handy journal contains 2 replaceable Quikfill notebooks - one plain and one ruled Premium leatherette jacket featuring utility pouches for carrying cards, bills and documents The outer packaging box can be used to archive your Quikrite and Quikfill notebooks
Stylish, compact and easy to carry with snap button closure
This product is designed to enhance your productivity
Designed to carry upto three replaceable Quikfill notebooks
Quikfill notebook may not be suitable for certain fountain pens

Quikrite is a modular and customisable system of notebooks and journals designed to be a catalyst of productivity. It is your coconspirator - to track goals, smash do-lists and embalm memories. It’s a system that conspires to be what you want: a journal, an album, a directory of glorious ideas. Anything that’s you. Or means something to you. And as complex, diverse and colourful. That’s why, the real upgrade to a notepad is not a computer; it’s Quikrite.

Premium leatherette-jacket - useful inside, beautiful outside
Contains replaceable notebooks (Quikfills) - when a notebook fills up, swap it for a fresh one, while retaining the jacket
Holds up to three Quikfills - choose the number and combination you want
Compact and easy to carry - not that much bigger than your smartphone
Built with durable materials - to stay with you through thick and thin
Utility pouches for carrying cards, bills and documents -leave your wallet behind if you wish
Personalised embossing available - make it yours and leave it special forever

Additional Features:
Branded metal snap-tab
Dual-riveted loops
Robust and practical container-box that can be used to archive Quikrite and Quikfills

Quikfills are the replaceable notebooks Quikrite comes with by default. When a Quikfill fills up, just swap it out for a new one without changing your Quikrite.
10 distinctive paper formats - Plain (in Brown), Ruled (in Beige), Graph, Dot Grid, Twin, ToDo, Goal, Scan, Unplug and Coloured
80 GSM paper
72 pages/36 sheets
Perforated tabs
Saddle-stitched binding
Rounded corners
Numbered pages (except in coloured Quikfills) that make it easy to maintain an index
Colour-coordinated (with cover) inner lines in Ruled and Grid Quikfills
Unique vertically-printed book details on the inner covers

Color : Brown
Collections : Srilanka 96 World Cup Victory 25th Anniversary Special Edition
Product Finish : Matte
Weight : 0.600000
Notebook Type : Journal
Notebook Cover : Hard
Notebook Size : Handy
Number of Pages : 72Page Ruled, 72Page Plain
Product Material : Leatherette
Product Dimensions : 205mm x 130mm x 35mm
Engravable : Engravable. "

LKR 7,990.00

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